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We are always looking at ways to make the Old General Store the very best it can be. As a valued customer we’d love to hear your thoughts and any ideas you have for improving our products, service, and your overall experience.

  • Julie Napolillo Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Thanks for the Lizzy James Bracelet! I love it. I’m getting one for my mom for Mother’s Day! Also bought some truffles and fudge - wow!
  • Heather Neiderhiser Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    There are two locations one in Donegal and one in Mt.Pleasant. They have unique snacks and amazinh gifts and inside and outside home decor. The family also owns the Pie Shoppes thats in Mt.Pleasant and Donegal! Great family owned business that you should definitely check out and support!
  • Edward Collier Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love the candy just like the old stores
  • Cindy Stoner Sager Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I love this store! Great decorations! This is where I always get my candy for Easter baskets!
  • Amy Coffman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love all of the decorations and the things in here. The old fashion candy is awesome too!! So unique and fun!!
  • Danielle Hamrock Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Wonderful store with so many unique items! Perfect for so many occasions!
  • Dana Thomas-Gray Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Great place to find perfect nostalgia from back in the day! Great selection of "penny candy" to introduce the kids!
  • Annette H. Rating (4/5 - Great)
    The only reason I'm not giving five stars is that if you need to use the restroom, they tell you the closest one is about a mile away at McDonald's. O.O My friend and I spent at least an hour here. An hour lol. There are all kinds of things you can't find anywhere else or haven't seen in years. Tons of candy, most of it nostalgic. I bought some wax bottles with the syrup in it for my sister and some cinnamon tooth picks for my brother. They had even more merchandise upstairs and most of their inventory was nice, not junky like plenty of other tourist-type shops. They had a section upstairs for 70% off; I couldn't believe how many items I bought for roughly $65. I bought a purse made from discarded military tents and a journal made from a recycled, custom license plate. I asked the staffer if this is indeed an old store... she thought so. The wooden floors were especially worn, and as another Yelper put it so well, this place "reeked of quaint.
  • Tom Taxacher Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Fun place to look around
  • Leslie Bateman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The store is great!so many interesting old fashioned collectibles that are hard to find .lots of fun because so Many things and .helpful staff.
  • Brandi Booth Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love this store! I've always wanted to decorate my house with the old time country rustic look.
  • Frank Baker Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love the place we always stop and pick up something always friendly service will be stopping again soon to buy more candles more see you soon
  • Kimberly Loukota Clay Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Fantastic selection....... like being a kid again!
  • Jill Coffman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    ove love love this store! It doesn't matter if I need a gift, a card, a new candle, or just a little treat for me... I always find something unique & I'm never disappointed.
  • Karen Mc Coy Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    What a great little country store. Always a delight when I'm coming through.
  • Richard J Charneicki Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The Pie Shop has best cookies and bake goods. I ordered for Thanksgiving and all my family loved them. I give them a 5 plus!
  • Danielle Matis Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Worth getting off the turnpike! Get the cinnamon rolls!
  • Rhonda White Bradley Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Great place to shop!!!! Advent calendars are in !!! Gifts for everyone !!
  • Terri Gouker Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    We stopped here on a day trip to Flight 93 Memorial; I could have spent all say in there just looking. We went on our bikes so I was limited on how much I could buy but I will be going back in my car or my husband's truck to shop!!!! Loved this place!!!
  • Gary Fadule Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    This store is the neatest country store you can go to.
  • Adriene Smochek Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    We have been to the Donegal location and absolutely L-O-V-E this store! Wonderful décor and home goods, candy, jams and jellies, old-fashioned toys, and a super selection of kitchen gadgets! The perfect place for gift shopping - the store is especially magical at Christmas time! I challenge anyone to come out empty handed! And right next door to one of the best bakeries anywhere!
  • Kristin Holland Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I LOVE this store! They always have cute and unique items in stock that make wonderful gifts.
  • Toni LaRosa Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Awesome store!!!!
  • Lorraine Wargo Flint Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    We stopped in last Monday on our way back home. Your store was such a pleasure to visit. The girls loved the "penny candy" and I just loved everything, lol! My husband was thankful we didn't bring the SUV. I really wanted to bring back a pine tree...maybe next time The Pie Shop was a delightful surprise, full of goodies and friendly service. Hope to see you again. Have a lovely weekend.
  • Niki Spragg Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Some really cute thing in there. Slightly overpriced, plus the girl working wasn't exactly friendly or even acknowledged us when we were in there. I remember a bigger selection of candy as a kid too. My kids liked it, however found no candy to buy.
  • Lisa Mongell Rating (4/5 - Great)
    I was at the Mount Pleasant Old General Store this afternoon.. I have been there shopping before. But I have to say this, the lady working was not friendly at all. When I first arrived I was the only one in the store, and I didn't even know where she was I didn't see anyone. I was up at the counter looking at the jewelry and saw her near the front window talking on the phone. She never spoke to me, never acknowledge me at all, even after I gave her a smile. She got off the phone, walked by me behind the counter and didn't even ask me what I may be looking for. Not a word, another customer came in and same thing.. she said nothing. This was around 2 p.m. today. I didn't have that experience the last time I was there, the lady was very nice and friendly. And I did buy something that trip, but not today.. customer service matters.

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